Tenor VA-19-S is a Norsk boat, not Dansk.

Yesterday here on Aflafrettir was news about fishing of breiflabb in Norway

In that news said that the boat Tenor VA-19-S as number one at in the news it was said that the boat was not from Norway, but in stead  from Denmark

That was not correct,  many people contact aflafrettir and told me this.

The boat was build in Denmark, and Aflafrettir apologize this misunderstanding 

But what boat is Tenor,


Tenor is a new boat, was build in Vestværftet AS in Hvide Sande in Danmark in the year 2019.

The boat is 35,25 meters long, 9,2 meters wide and 6,6 meters depth

On board the boat it has Caterpillar engine and the engine is 1004 BHP.

The boat is mostly fishing with trawl and is fishing in ice, .

This year the boat has fish total of 553,2 tons in 51 trips, and was is interesting  with that is the boat has only landed 17 tons of cod

bud in stead the boat has landed 134 tons of  Sei/ saithe ( Ufsa) and 119 tons of lange and 130 tons onf lysing,  In english that is hake

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Tenor VA-19-S  pic from there facebook page.