The Faroe Islands are now on

Here on and last 10 years have been watching fishing in Iceland, and 4 years ago Aflafrettir started to watch fishing in Norway.

Many readers have been asking about the Faroe Islands, if aflafrettir can have them also on the page

And now i can say that this wishes from the readers is coming.

and I'm pretty proud to announce that as of January 1, 2018,  the Faroe Islands will have their list at

I have already calculated the trawlers, liner boats and pelagic vessels in the Faroe Islands by 2017,

A little by the year 2016.
I'm going to give you a little bit of attention about how their pelagic vessels fished in 2016.

It should be noted that this figure is the total. I have not sorted this by species yet when the list comes in 2017 then you will see the species,

Hence. Island. Norway and now the Faroe Islands are published on

Welcome Faroe Islands,

Here is the list of the 10 best-known pelagic vessels in 2016. By comparison, it is worth mentioning that the best-known ship in Iceland this year was Venus NS with about 50,000 tonnes,

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Seat Name fishing
1 Christian í Grótinu OW-2454 63578
2 Fagraberg OW-2400 56430
3 Finnur Fríði XPXP 52959
4 Norðingur OW-2050 48086
5 Tróndur í Götu XPXM 47709
6 Júpiter XPRG 46500
7 Næraberg 31692
8 Norðborg XPYG 30794
9 Högaberg XPQA 29330
10 Tummas T 11226

Christian i Grotinu.  Pic Larry Smith

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