Three gillnet lists, not two!

All this year 2020 here on then there has been lists of the gillnet boats in norway

in Norway are over 1000 boats that are fishing with gillnet.

and here on aflafrettir i have split the boats into 2 lists.

Boats up to 14 meters long,  and boats over 14 meters long,

But i got a request from a sailor in Norway that ask me

why are 14,99 meters gillnet boat with the biggest gillnet boats that are up to 50 meters long?

good question.  

so then i have decide to split all this gillnet boats in 

3 lists,  not 2

List 1. is the up to 14 meters long and you can see the newest list number 11 here on aflafrettir

The new list will be from 14 meters to 20 meters

and list number 3, will be from 20 meters and up,  i think the longest boat is about 55 meters long

The other 2 lists will come next 2 days.

I hope you like this changes.

and mostly sailors in Norway , i hope that you like this changes.

Eros pic Bjoern Hansen

And yes
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