Three trawlers with total of 3358 tons in juny.

Trawlers in Iceland now in June did fish relay well

so well that 3 trawlers landed in total of 3358 tons of fish

this is the first time that 3 trawlers in Iceland fish over 1000 tons per month

all these trawlers are fishing in ice and not freezing the fish

Málmey SK and Drangey SK went over 1000 tons,

Málmey SK was with 1039 tons and of that was 744 tons of cod

Drangey SK was with 1094 tons and of that was cod 972 tons,

and Björgúlfur EA was number one with 1226 tons and of that was cod 849 tons,

so in total these 3 trawlers fish 3358 tons and of that cod was 2565 tons,

Best trip for Björgúlfur EA was 144 tons after just 40 hours of fishing, and that is well over 70 tons per day

Drangey SK was with most 238 tons after just 3 days of fishing and that is about 79 tons per day

Björgúlfur EA pic Vigfús Markússon 

Drangey SK pic Þór jónsson

Málmey SK pic Jón Anton Valdimarsson