Tobis H-101-AV sold to Iceland

In Iceland in the town of Patreksfjörður on the Westfjord in ICeland is a company that have own boats since the year 1963 that all have had the name Vestri BA.

The Vestri BA that this company own has been in in Patreksfjörður since the year 2005, and mainly been fishing with trawl and shrimp.,

But now that boat will get replaced, because the company has bought Tobis H-101-AV from Norway.

Tobis was build in the year 2009 and is 39,95 meters long and 10 meters wide.  it has 1000 hp ABC 6 DZC engine and om board can be 10 crewmembers.

In Norway Tobis was mainly fishing with trawl and shrimp, and there they use boxes, and biggest landing for Tobis in Norway was about 60 tons in one trip,

In Iceland Tobis will have new name, and will have the name Vestri BA and also the color of the trawler will change to green.

also the fish cargo will change so that they can use fish tubes, and then can take up to 80 tons of fish.

New Vestri BA will start fishing in april and first the trawler will go fishing shrimp.

Tobis New Vestri BA in Iceland, Pics Gísli Reynisson 

Vestri BA Pic Vigfús Markússon