Total trips of boats in Norway.

As you have seen on this page, , there have been a lists of fishing of the boats in Norway.

The lists are

Gilnetaboats over and under 14 meters long

Autolineboats that are under and over 30 meters long

Trawlers, and that is also freezer trawlers in Norway

and 2 lists of pelagic ship in Norway

but there is one thing that is needed in this list

and that is  in norsk " antall landinger"   ore total trips,  ore landings.

now for the first time Aflafrettir have now the numbers of the trips the each boat has

and here are the top 10 boats that have done the most trips,

Name Trips Fishing Kind of fish per trip
KVALVIKVÆRING N-232-MS 80 243.7 Gilnet 3.1 tn
FRØYBANKEN N-272-MS 79 602.9 Gilnet 7.6 tn
SOLBJØRN N-118-MS 77 230.2 Gilnet 2.9 tn
SANDVÆR N-165-MS 72 402.9 Gilnet 5.6 tn
ANN BRITA N-298-MS 72 252.1 Gilnet 3.5 tn
NORDLYS N-6-BL 72 12.8 Gilnet 0.18 tn
SKOMVÆRFISK N-53-RT 68 591.4 Gilnet 8.7 tn
STAMSUNDVÆRING N-72-VV 65 482.6 Gilnet 7.4 tn
KNUDSENFISK N-103-Ö 62 512.8 Gilnet 8.3 tn
NESHEIM N-13-F 62 130.3 Gilnet 2.1 tn

As can been seen this is all gilnet boats.     Iversen Junior N-219-VV

 is number one of the line boats ore krokredskað,  he is with 47 trips and 89,4 tons on fish

Nordlys Pic Frode Adolfsen