Trawler Baldvin Njálsson GK with 1400 tons in one trip

In the end of last year came a new freezer trawler to Iceland,

Baldvin Njálsson GK that was build in Spain.  this trawler is 66 meters long and 16 meters wide

now in middle of july Baldvin Njálsson GK came with full ship after fishing near Iceland, 

in total the ship was with 1400 tons of fish,

this was after just 30 days of fishing and that is about 47 tons per day

of that was 583 tons of haddock.

549 tons of saithe, and 221 tons of cod

total value was 630 million isl kronas,

that is about 4,5 million euros

3,82 million pounds

and 46 million norsk kronas

BAldvin Njálsson GK pic Gísli Reynisson