Trawler Björg EA in huge fishing in Iceland.

The weather in Iceland in the beginning of desember was realy bad.  

For almost 5 days is was just storm and no trawlers could be out to fish.  

so company Samherji in Iceland made the decision to sail

all their trawler fleet in port and let the trawlers wait ashore while the worst of the storm passed.

The trawlers then began to pick up as the weather began to clear

and their fishing was very good

The trawler Björg EA with is 2 year old trawler had a huge fishing and came to Dalvík in ICeland 

with its largest landing since the trawler came to Iceland and started fishing

Björg EA landed 250.3 tons of fish after a 6 day trip to port and that makes about 42 tons per day

of this catch, 191 tonnes were cod and 34 tonnes of haddock

Björg EA pic Þórður birgisson

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