Trawler Breki VE with more that 50 tons per day.

April in Iceland has been pretty good for the trawlers.  but one trawler has been doing huge fishing with not so long tours

Breki VE is new trawler.  was build in China 2018. and is fishing from Vestmannaeyjar in Iceland.

But now in Apríl Breki VE have had huge fishing

Trip number 2 was 159,4 tons in just 3 days, and that is about 53 tons per day.

Trip number 3 was 141,4 tons in just 3 days and that is about 47 tons per day

 Trip number 3

 But trip number 4 was pretty amazing.   because Breki VE came with ful load 164,5 tons but after just

about 2 days of fishing.  that is about 82 tons per day.

This is just amazing and huge fishing.  

of that trip cod was 117 tons.

In total Breki VE has now fish in april around 640 tons in 5 trips.

and all of this trips er short. the longest just 3 days.

Breki VE pic Hólmgeir Austfjörð