Trawler from Spain with over 1000 tons in one trip

There are quite a large number of freezer trawlers fishing north of the Barnet Sea, including several trawlers registered in Spain,

One of those who was fishing there and landed recently in Tromso is the trawler Nuevo Barca.

This trawler  was constructed in 1987 in Norway and measures 2114 tonnes.  Nuevo Barc was for example, a long time in the Faroe Islands, and was named Vesturvon,

Nuevo Barca is 65.5 meters long and is 13 meters wide.

Trawler  arrived with full load  in Norway now in April with a total of 1308.3 tonnes, of which cod was about 1250 tonnes,

All the cod was flaked on board

Nuevo Barca Pic Ken Pardy