Trawler Þórunn Sveinsdóttir VE with full load

Trawler Þórunn Sveinsdóttir VE from Vestmannaeyjar in Iceland

came now in the beginning of Desember with the biggest fishing trip since the trawler was build in the year 2010.

The trawler came with total of 222,7 tons in one trip and this was all fresh fish.

Of this 222,7 tons was 81 tons of saithe.  60 tons of haddock,  37 tons of cod and 29 tons of redfish, ore uer as it is 
in Norsk

the trawler was out in 6 days and that means that this is about 37 tons per day

and the biggest was 75 tons in just 17 hours

27 tons of fish, Pic Óskar Þór KRistjánsson

Þórunn SVeinsdóttir VE pic Siddi Árna