Trawler Pálína Þórunn GK only 15 hours fishing, but full boat

Now in April the fishing for the trawlers in Iceland has been relay good

Small trawler name Pálína Þórunn GK that is 29 meters long 

went out to fish April at 1400.  and came to Sandgerði 10.april at 1800.

that means that the boat was only 28 hours harbor to harbor

of this 28  hours the trawler was only 15 hours fishing 

and in this 15 hours the boat had 65 tons of fish,  mostly cod

best fishing was 9 tons after just 28 minutes towing

Huge fishing and now in april Pálína þórunn GK has fish almost 250 tons in just 4 trips.  

Pálína Þórunn GK Pic Gísli Reynisson