Trawler Viðey RE from Iceland with 10.000 tons

Now is the year 2021 over, and in Iceland fishing for the trawlers that are fishing in ice

was good.

one trawler did fish most of them all

and that is trawler name Viðey RE.

Viðey RE did go fishing between Christmas and new years eve, and in just 5 days the trawler came with full load

220 tons of fish, that is about 44 tons per day.

in total Viðey RE was number 1 in iceland of the ice fish trawlers

with a total of about 10400 tons in 60 trips, and that is about 173 tons in a trip.

this is the time from 1-1-2021 to 12-31-2021

Vieðy RE pic Hólmgeir Austfjörð