Trawlers in Iceland in august. 6500 tons from 10 ships

Trawlers in ICeland now in august did fish pretty good,

in total then there where 6 trawlers that fish in ice that fish over 600 tons each ship

number one was Björg EA with 915 tons in 6 trips and most 207 tons in one trip,

Numer 2 was Akurey AK with 769 tons in 7 trip,

and number 3 was Kaldbakur EA with 700 tons in 5 trips and most 200 tons in one trip

All of these trawlers are just 2 years old

but in seat number 4 and 5 are trawlers that are both almost 40 years old

Stefnir ÍS was build in Flekkefjord in Norway in the year 1976, Stefnir ÍS was with 670 tons in 8 trips

and Gullver NS that is 40 yearsold trawler was with 647 tons in 5 trips,

in total top 10 trawlers that fish in Ice in Iceland fish total of 6500 tons in august

Björg EA pic Vigfús Markússon 

Stefnir ÍS pic Bergþór Gunnlaugsson