Two new boat to Norway from Iceland.

Two new Cleopatra 31 to Norway


Recently, the boatyard Trefjar in Hafnarfjörður delivered two new Cleopatra boats to  Northern Norway.

The boats are both Cleopatra 31. The shipowners are Trygve Magnus Johnsen from Alsvåg and Ove Alvestad from Sortland.

Trygve and Ove will be the captains of the boats themselves, two will be in the crew.

The boats are named Emmy and Ea. The boats are 9.6 meters long and measure 9 gross tons.

Main engines are of the type FPT N67, 420hp connected to ZF 286IV gears.

The boats are equipped with Simrad, Furuno and Olex navigation equipment.

They are also equipped with hydraulic side screws connected to the self-steering.

The boats are equipped for nets, line and handline fishing. Net equipment is Norwegian, linemachine   and hand rollers from DNG.

Lifeboat and other safety equipment of the boat comes from Viking.

There is room for 14 380 liter tanks in the train. Fully equipped cooking facilities are in the hatches. Sleeps three in hatches.
The boats have arrived in Norway