Valdimar H in good fishing in Norway

Thr brothers Hrafn and Helgi Sigvaldasynir from Iceland started some years ago company name Esköy,  they have had a good fishing with the boat Saga K, that was build in Iceland and is about 15 metrers long auto line boat made of plastic

Winter 2017 they bought a much bigger boat in Iceland, that they named Valdimar H.  Valdimar H is 38,42 meters long boat and was build 1968.  has been fishing from Iceland all the time since 1968.

on board Valdimar H is a auto-line system with 38.000 hooks.,

now in January this year the boat has been fishing relay well and is now with about 240 tons landed this year.  that included landing of about 63 tons that came 1.january 2018þ

last 2 trips has been relay good.  first the boat came with 80.2 tons  and then the boat came with 82,5 tons.

the fish is then taken to a trucks and they drive the fish a relaly long way,  through, sweden,  danmark,  germany, holland, belgia and to all the way to Grimsby in the UK and there the fish is sold on fishmarked.

the total amout for the first trip of 80 tons was 18 million icelandis kronas.  that is about 126.000 pounds , ore 1,4 million norsk krona to the boat.

Valdimar H Pic Hrafn Sigvaldason

Map of this long drive.