Veidar M-1-G, almost 1000 tons in one trip

In Iceland now there is a boat that name is Þórsnes SH

Þórsnes SH has been fishing with autoline and gillnet and when the boat has been fishing with gillnet the boat has mostly been

fishing cod in Ice and also greenland halibut and that is frozen 

Þórsnes SH was before in Norway and had there the name Veidar.

Veidar was sold to Iceland, and a new boat name Veidar came instead

The new boat can fish with autoline and also gillnet.  

The boat is 55 meters long and was build 2018.

Now in april 2021, Veidar came to Alesund with full boat of fish

Veidar had been fishing with gillnet and the trip was total of 28 days

and the boat came with total of 988 tons in one trip.

of that was cod 902 ton

all of the cod was frozen, and they cut the head off the fish and freeze the rest of the fish

this 988 tons went to pretty many companys.  but Sunnmöre Fiskeindustri AS in Alesund did buy the most of the fish ore 506 tons

Svolvær Seafood AS also in Alesund did buy 311 tons

With this big fishing Veidar is now number 1 on this list that you can see here

Veidar Pic Kristofer Thomasen