Veidar M-1-G with full load

In Norway there are many boats that are fishing with autoline,

most of the boats in Norway that are fishing with autoline are freezing the fish

and many of the boat are new

One of the boat that are fishing with auto line is Veidar M-1-G

Veidar is new boat.  was build 2018 and is 55,5 meters long and 13,2 meters wide

the boat is 2195 tons and has 2548 HP engine om board

Veidar came with full load now in the middle of july

total the boats came with 533 tons in one trip

of that was ling  ore Lange 456  tons.

Old Veidar was sold to Iceland and is name now Þórsnes SH
Veidar Pic from there FB M/S Veidar