Voyager N-905 number 1 in Norway


now is the year 2021 started , and many boats, trawlers and pelagic ship have started to fish

and in Norway some pelagic ships and boat have started fishing 

And the first pelagic ship to come to Norway with fish is.....

Not from Norway!.

 Yes this is pretty interesting  because first ship was Voyager N-905 from the UK.  He came to Egersund

with 1070 tons of mackerel 1.january 2021 before 8am in the morning

Pic tage rishoj

but first boat from Norway to come

was Zander H-43-AV , and this boat is not big. 12,2 meters long, but he came with 25 tons of herring in one trip

Zander Pic Irene L.Cop