What will happend with Kirkella H 7?

Over the years, Hull in the UK has been one of the main shipping locations in the UK for trawlers

trawlers have been carried out. The history of trawling in Hull goes back 100 years, and many trawlers from there

were, among other things, fishing in Icelandic waters and took part in the cod war with Icelanders in 1976.

Today in 2020 this has changed a lot. now only one large offshore trawler is made from Hull

and it is Kirkella H 7. this trawler is new, was built in 2018 and is 81 meters long and 16 meters wide.

and is owned by UK Fisheries, which is owned by Samherji ehf in Iceland

Kirkella H7, which is the current Kirkella, has had a fishing license in Norwegian jurisdiction. Greenland and the Faroe Islands, but most have

the trawler has been fishing in the Barnetssea, which is about 1500 nautical miles from Hull.

 Britain leaves the EU

Now when the UK is leaving the European Union, then this fishing license that Kirkella has in the Barentssea in great 

danger and now when the  Britain is leaving the European Union then

an agreement is revoked that Kirkella will be granted a license to fish where the vessel previously had a license to fish

In order for this to happen, the British government needs to make a fisheries agreement with Greenland, the Faroe Islands and Norway.

in Kirkella's Crew are mostly British sailors, but the captains have been Icelandic as well as some of the engineers.

 Great concern
Fishermen in Hull are very concerned about this and have launched a petition and a challenge to the effect that

Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister and Chief Fisheries Officer of the United Kingdom, will reach an agreement with the Norwegian government

to secure Kirkella's future of continued fishing in the barnetssea.

  About 1117 people have now signed this challenge, but about 100 sailors in Hull

work and are around Kirkella. As things stand now, Kirkella is now tied to a pier in Hull

and it is not known when or if the trawler will return to fishing,

 Kirkella number 7
It is worth mentioning that this Kirkella is trawler number 7 named Kirkella

Kirkella number 1 was built in 1936 and was a 47 meter long steam trawler.

Kirkella number 2 was built in 1960

Kirkella number 3 was built in 1965 and was 75 meters long and was the first freezer trawler with this name

Kirkella number 4 came in 1985 and was a 58.8 meter long freezer trawler, was sold in 1996

Kirkella number 5 arrived in 1996 and was a 38.5 meter long trawler,

Kirkella number 6 was an 86.1 meter long freezer trawler and it was sold in 2015

Kirkella pic from page Samherja