3 trawlers in Norway with total of 30.000 tons

The latest list of Norway's highest catch trawlers has been released,

It turns out that a total of 3 trawlers have now fished over ten thousand tons each vessel.

and in addition there are three other trawlers over nine thousand tons, and one of those ships is Havstrand which has reached 9989 tons,

but what ships are these,

Let's look at it.

Top if Prestfjord. with 10488 tons in 15 trips

Prestfjord N-445-Ö is a 65 meter long trawler, 15 meters wide and built in 2011. has a 6000 horsepower engine on board

Prestfjord photo Magnar Lyngstad

Number 2 is Nordtind N-6-VV

that trawler has caught 10227 tons in 19 trips

Nordtind is a rather new ship. built in 2018 and is 80.4 meters long, 16.7 meters wide and has a 6300 horsepower main engine

Nordtind Photo by Geir Vinnes

Trawler number 3 which has caught over ten thousand tons this year is

Atlantic Viking M-68-G has delivered 10162 tons in 10 trips

This trawler is 74.7 meters long and 15.4 meters wide. was built in 2013 and has a 5800 horsepower engine

Atlantic Viking Photo Magnar Lyngstad

In addition to this, as mentioned above, the Havstrand M-525-H has 9989 tons

Granit H-11-AV with 9799 tons

Atlantic STar M-111-G with 9481 tons. that trawler was previously named Helga RE from Iceland

Of these vessels, Granit is the only one that is a fillet freezer trawler, the other freeze the whole fish