All crew members of Fay M-27-AV rescued, boat has sunk

earlier this morning I wrote a small news about 

 a Norwegian line boat called Fay M-27-AV

 he was at sea fishing  and went to sea yesterday December 27 at 1800.

from Honningsvog which is in the north of Norway,

the boat is very northerly at fishing or at 71.2 degrees north and 26.3 degrees east

the wind has been increasing today and is between 16 and 22 meters per second in a steady wind, but the highest of the wind is up to 25 meters per second

An emergency call came from Fay at 11am this morning at the Norwegian time and then the was on the side in the sea

A Sea Kind helicopter was send from Banak in northen Norway

 and she came to the area a little later. the helicopter managed to rescue all the crew on board the helicopter,

om board Fay was total of 12 crew members. 

Russian oil carrier Nikolay Yevgenov, who was arriving from the UK, was a short distance from the accident site and deployed while rescuing Fay's crew.

This ship is 299 meters long and 50 meters wide,

Now that these words are written, the crew of Fay has come to Honningsvog and the company that own Fay have put all

crew members in a Scandic hotel

the boat itself is not socked at the time of writing, it still runs north from Norway,

The lifeboat Odin is still following Fay due to the weather, he does not have the boat in tow as it is difficult to get a line in the boat,

Odinn was sent from Havöysund and this is a very fast paced boat that went the most about 26 miles and took about 2 hours to sail to the place where Fay is.

Also Harstad has been turn around and is sailing to the place where Fay is, Fay is still floating.

Newest news is that Fay has sunk in Barnetssea and that happend around kl 1300,

Pic from Redningselskapet

Fay Pic Leif M Andersen

Odin Pic ALfred Aaström

Crew Members from Fay in Honningsvog.  pic Qyvind Bye Skille

Nikolay Yevgnov Pic Erwan Guegueniat

Harstad  Pic Bjoern Hansen