Brand new Longliner to Iceland year 2019

Yes  Stormur HF the first new longliner in Iceland is now sailing to Iceland.

You can read that here

but in Iceland.  Company Vísir hf is the biggest company that own longliners.  They own 5 boats now.  Pál Jónsson GK.  Jóhanna Gísladóttir GK.  Sighvatur GK.  Kristín GK and Fjölnir GK.  

Alls this boats are old.  .

Páll Jónsson GK is 50 years old,

Jóhanna Gísladóttir GK is 48 years old.  and the boat is one of 2 of the biggest longliners in Iceland.  takes about 155 tons of fish in the cargo

Sighvatur GK is 52 years old

Kristín GK is 52 years old

and Fjölnir GK is 49 years old.  but Fjölnir GK is the newest longliner for the company Visir. because the boat was totally rebuilt in Poland 1 year ago,

Also now in Poland Vísir is rebuilting a boat that will be just as new when he is finish,   

But now also Vísir has sign a contract with Alkor in Gdansk in Poland to build totally new longliner.  And this boat is the first new boat for Vísir hf in 50 years.  

That boat will be 45 meters long.  Same as Stormur HF.  and 10,5 meters wide.  has cargo for about 130 tons of fish,
the boat will have the name Páll Jónsson GK 

he will come in the middle of the year 2019.
Here down are computer pics of the new boat

these pics came from boatside Bátar og Bryggjurölt that is on Facebook,

Páll Jónsson GK pic Tryggvi Sigurðsson

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