Full load of Trash.... and yes also fish

There was news here on Aflafrettir about good fishing trip from freezer trawler Blængur NK from Iceland when he went to the Barnets sea

But the trawler did not only come with full ship of fish to Iceland,

no, because he also came with many tons of trash that trawlers from Russia and Norway

have been throwing in the Barents Sea and all this trash is laying on the bottom of the ocean,

Blængur NK was not the only trawler that has many tons of trash, because 4 other trawlers from Iceland that went to fishing in the 

Barnets Sea also came with many tons of trash .

in total this is about 100 to 150 tons of trash that the trawlers from Iceland came with to ICeland after been fishing

in the Barnets sea

Trawlers in Iceland dont throw trash out in the sea in stead they come with the trash to land,

Captein on Blængur NK told that on the bottom of the sea in the Barnets sea are many hundreds tons of trash

most of the trash there is old fishing trawls and many other things like cars and so on

Tash from Barnets Sea that came with Blængur NK.  this is just part of it

Blængur NK pic Svn.is