New Stamsundværing

Here on this page has been a list of boats in Norway, and first it was just few boats on lists on, and this list started fisrt

about 10 years ago.

but over the winter time have tried to have list of the boat that are fishing with net

boats in Norway are many, and in the wintertime the boats in Norway that are fishing with net are up to 1000 in total ore even more.

One of the boats that have been fishing with net in Norway is Stamsundværing N-72-VV.  

This boat is only 14,99 meters long and 4 meters wide and is 18 tons in size

The boat has been own by company Stamsundværing As since the boat was build in the year 2001, and in total this boats have caught over 

12.000 tons of fish, mostly cod

Rolf Arne Frantzen has been captain of the boat and he has tried this boat in all kinds of weather and often have come with more than 20

tons in a trip.  but the biggest trip was in the winter 2021 when the boat came with 29,2 tons in one trip,

and now with year 2022, on the list of the boats in Norway up 14,99 meters , Stamsundværing is number 2 on the list with almost 800 tons

of fish since 1.1.2022

 New boat
but now is change, because the company has decide to build a new boat.

The new boat will be also 14,99 meters long, but will be 6,8 meters wide, ore 2,7 meters wider than the old boat

and also the new boat will also be build so he can  fish with seine.  

New boat will be build in Viknaslipen in Norway, and this is boat number 61 that Viknaslipen builds

Old Stamsundværing has only be using nets, but the new boat will also use net.

the pic of the boat with 29,2 tons , we will not see this more with the new boat, because 29,2 tons in the new boat.  

well maybe the new boat will have to come with 50 tons just so that the pic will be the similar,

anyways.  congratulations with new Stamsundværing

Stamsundværing Pic Asgeir Hoddevik

New Stamsundværing, pic from Viknaslipen