Old and new Vikingbank in Norway

Here next to this new is a news about new Cetus.'

 Cetus is own by company Cetus AS , but the company also own another pelagic ship.

and that is Vikingbank R-3-K.  

Vikingbank was build in the year 2000 in Rabben Mek Verksted AS in Norway.    

and is 61,75 meters long,  11,6 meters wide and 7 meters depth

is has Wartsila engine and is 3750 bhp. ore 2760 KW.

IS has 10 tanks for fish, like herring,  blue whiting and more and the tanks are 1088m3. , that is about 1200 til 1300 tons of fish

The ship had the name Harvest before and got the name Vikingbank in the year 2013.

But  now the company Cetus AS is building a new Vikingbank

and the new Vikingbank will be almost similar as new Cetus. ore 65 meters long and the new Vikingbank will be also 

build in the same shipyard as Cetus.

New Vikingbank will come in sept 2020.

New Vikingbank

Old Vikingbank Pic Reidar E Jensen