Big Avalanche in Flateyri. part 3. Fosnakongen from Norway

Here down belown are 2 links of news about big avalanche that happen in Flateyri in Iceland about 3 days ago,

No people got harmed in this but one 14 year old girl that was in her bed at her home got under the

snow that came down the mountain.  but she was rescued and is doing fine now

But in the harbour in Flateyri total of 6 boats are badly damage and some have sunk,

To day 18.january a Icelandic company with að help from a Norsk boat that has been working in ICeland.


This boat name is Fosnakongen and build in Salthammer batbyggeri in the year 2015.

Fosnakongen is 26 meters long and 12 meters wide.

he has gyro-controlled ballast system and can take on board 140 tonnes of water ballest in only 85 seconds. 

On board Fosnakongen are 2 big cranes and with this big Cranes one boat from Flateyri name Blossi ÍS was lifted from the

sea and on the harbor.

Here are pics from this day.

Eiður ÍS,  Blossi ÍS and Fosnakongen

Blossi ÍS 

Fosnakongen. with Blossi ÍS   Pic Páll Önundarson

Blossi ÍS and the other boat is Eiður ÍS