Big Avalanche in Flateyri. part 4.

Now it is almost one week since the big avalanche came on the town of Flateyri

in the westfjords in Iceland. and got in the harbor where 6 boats got badly damage.

To rescue the boat they have been using a boat name is Fosnakongen and he is from Norway.

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Now there is one boat that in on harbour and that is Blossi ÍS, and 2 steel boats are at the harbour.

The blue boat Guðjón Arnar ÍS was sunk and was laying in the bottom of the harbour at 5 meters depth .

Still there are 2 boats that can been seen on the first pic that are still in the sea.

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Blossi ÍS on the harbour .  big boat is Eiður ÍS that is sunk, and Blossi ÍS further away

Brói KE and Guðjón Arnar ÍS 

Guðjón Arnar ÍS 

Brói KE

Brói KE

Orri ÍS is still in the ocean

Guðjón Arnar ÍS 

Blossi ÍS on the harbour

Fosnakongen that is working to rescue the boats
pics send to Aflafrettir